Consistency in every slide

with DIFF-Line™

DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision

The big idea behind our DIFF-Line solution is simple. We want to offer small labs a range of mutually supportive devices that establish a simple and semi-automated process for preparing and analyzing peripheral blood smears. A complete, safe and easy to manage workflow underpinned by affordable and reliable devices, a DIFF-Line.

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1 Smear the slide

The RAL SmearBox enables you to make high-quality peripheral blood smears with minimal effort and complete control.


2 Stain the slide

The RAL StainBox ensures that all your smears are stained consistently and in accordance with your lab guidelines.


3 Analyze the slide

The CellaVision DC-1 automates and simplifies your process for analyzing peripheral blood smears using the same digital methodology commonly used at larger laboratories.

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